And we’re back

Well Japan was nice.

So I haven’t posted on a blog for…..a very long time. In fact my online presence in general is fairly lacklustre. The reason for that is that, frankly, I’m not very organised. Currently I’m trying to be both an author and a university student separately. The idea is that I’ll divide my time equally between my uni work and my writing, giving priority to each one as required. And in that I’ve pretty much failed. But it’s my summer holidays now so it’s time for a brand new start.

Blah blah blah, more organised. Blah, blah, blah, schedules. I doubt that you actually care about the details of how I’m planning on being organised. Let’s instead focus on what I’ll actually be doing.

Firstly, my new book comes out in under a month, on the 16th of July. Revenge of the Giant Robot Chickens is a direct sequel to my first book, Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens. If you want more action, more lasers and more chicken jokes then this is the book for you.

Apart from that my plan is just to be creative. I finish my course in one year, if everything goes well, and I need to have a good handle on what I’ll be doing after that. Obviously the plan is to keep writing novels as long as people read them but at the moment that doesn’t fully pay the bills. Besides, I’d like to diversify a bit. So over the summer I’m going to be creative in a lot of different directions and see what works and what sticks. This will include writing again as it’s been far too long (editing doesn’t count).

And I’ll try and keep this blog updated. The plan is to post at least one entry a week. As I’m historically not very good at sticking to schedules like that, we’ll see.

So here’s to a good summer. Hopefully I won’t just waste it playing video games. Again.

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