My name is Alex McCall, and I’m a writer.  My book is called Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens and won the 2013 Kelpies Prize. It also won the Younger Readers category of the 2015 Scottish Children’s Book Award. It’s sequel is called Revenge of the Giant Robot Chickens.

  • The God of Honey and Flowers
    It’s always an event when a god comes to your village. I was the first person to notice him this time. I was in the outer pasture, looking after the sheep. It’s an important job but not an active one. If a wolf threatens the flock I leap into action. If a lamb manages to … Continue reading The God of Honey and Flowers
  • Season’s End
    There once was a girl who was born of the storm. Her name was Cirrus and she was daughter to the King of Storms. But that isn’t important. It was where her story started but it didn’t define it. In truth she remembered little of that time, just rage and pain and fear. The important … Continue reading Season’s End
  • New Year, New Me.
    Hello all! Happy 2022! We’re almost through January and already this year has been excellent. Due to a number of reasons from family health to my flat being laughingly uninhabitable I’ve been living with my parents since March 2020. While this was great in a lot of ways I work best with less distractions, such … Continue reading New Year, New Me.
  • The Searching Sword
    Who am I? Wish I knew. But for the moment I’m going by Serafina. I started life not as the woman you see before you but as a sword, a consciousness gradually awakening over time. I don’t know how common that is, a sword awakening. We’re not a chatty lot, the only time we talk … Continue reading The Searching Sword

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