My name is Alex McCall, and I’m a writer.  My book is called Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens and won the 2013 Kelpies Prize. It also won the Younger Readers category of the 2015 Scottish Children’s Book Award. It’s sequel is called Revenge of the Giant Robot Chickens.

  • The Boy Who Angered the Storm
    There once was a village out on the plains. It was small, as these things go, filled with farmers, an inn and a blacksmith. The residents mostly stayed there for their whole lives, with few leaving and fewer outsiders arriving. Spread around it was the farms and around those vast expanses of grass ran to … Continue reading The Boy Who Angered the Storm
  • The Girl with the Beaten Bronze Hair
    Trigger Warning: There’s some upsetting scenes with an animal in pain and some gore. There was once a couple who wanted a baby very much. They lived together in a village nestled deep within the Greatwoods, he as a blacksmith and she as a weaver. Theirs was a happy home, full of laughter and colour … Continue reading The Girl with the Beaten Bronze Hair
  • The Djinn and the Bronze Pan
    There once was a village on the edge of ruin. What had led to the founding of the village was lost in the mists of time. Whatever had attracted the settlers there was certainly lost on the current inhabitants. It was sandwiched between a hardpacked desert and the sea. The few farmers had to constantly … Continue reading The Djinn and the Bronze Pan
  • The Man and the Sword
    There once was a swordsman that loved battle. From a young age, when he’d been squired to a great knight, he’d always loved to fight. The thrill of besting others, the joy of swinging his sword. Though he was apprenticed to a knightly order he didn’t take vows in the end. Not for him the … Continue reading The Man and the Sword

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