My name is Alex McCall, and I’m a writer.  My book is called Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens and won the 2013 Kelpies Prize. It also won the Younger Readers category of the 2015 Scottish Children’s Book Award. It’s sequel is called Revenge of the Giant Robot Chickens.

  • Kaolinite and Other Gems
    Granite is formed of three different minerals: quartz, feldspar and mica but it is not any of them. Quartz is light and captures the sun, granite is dull, though it glitters. Feldspar is soluble in water, while granite will just sink. Mica cuts easily into layers while granite is solid, breaking but not splitting. Despite … Continue reading Kaolinite and Other Gems
  • The Lonely Lighthouse
    There once was a couple that had two sons. The first grew up fast, to be a strong healthy boy. As a toddler he was always getting into mischief, climbing up shelves and opening chests to crawl into them. His parents loved him but were exasperated, always having to keep an eye on him. The … Continue reading The Lonely Lighthouse
  • When Winter Met Summer
    It was a dark, stormy day when the woman from the north walked into the small village on the plains. Far had she walked with no destination in mind, just a desire for distance and the road beneath her feet. The wide-open spaces around her were familiar, though the ones that she had left behind … Continue reading When Winter Met Summer
  • The Boy Who Angered the Storm
    There once was a village out on the plains. It was small, as these things go, filled with farmers, an inn and a blacksmith. The residents mostly stayed there for their whole lives, with few leaving and fewer outsiders arriving. Spread around it was the farms and around those vast expanses of grass ran to … Continue reading The Boy Who Angered the Storm

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