About Me!


My name is Alex McCall, and I’m a writer.  My book is called Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens and won the 2013 Kelpies Prize. It also won the Younger Readers category of the 2015 Scottish Children’s Book Award. It’s sequel is called Revenge of the Giant Robot Chickens.

I also do this other stuff:

  • Post short stories on the second Friday of every month. This year it’s fairy tales.
  • I blog occasionally

2 thoughts on “About Me!

  1. Hi Alex. I’m new to
    Twitter so hoping this is an ok way to reach you. I’m a teacher in Aberdeenshire and looking to read your first book to my class when we study Scottish authors next term. Do you by any chance do school visits? It would be great for the kids to meet the author! Thanks in advance, Esther


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