Fairy Tales of the Past

Art by Keren Lovie. See more of her amazing work on her Facebook page, Made with Lovie.

In 2021 I challenged myself to write a short story every month and so I made a fairy tale collection. While they are all standalone, mostly, they are all set in the same universe and loosely connected to each other. They can all be read here.

January’s is The Ice Maiden, a tale of a great evil arising in the north and a hero setting out to stop it.

February’s is The Man and The Sword, the story of a swordsman and the bond with his blade.

March’s story, is The Djinn and the Bronze Pan, the story of the last hope for a small village.

April is The Girl with the Beaten Bronze Hair. This is a culmination of previous tales and is about the creator of great and terrible things. This one comes with a Trigger Warning as it includes some upsetting scenes with an animal in pain and some gore.

May is The Boy Who Angered The Story, about a boy hunted by storm clouds.

June’s story, When Winter Met Summer, settles upon what happens after the story is finished.

July’s is The Lonely Lighthouse, which brings us back to the lighthouse from The Man and The Sword and how’s devices are only as good as the will that drives them.

August’s story is Kaolinite and Other Gems. This is the story of what happened after Eos left her village and about a great treasure being found.

September’s story is The Girl and her Kitten, which is about a young girl lost in the woods with her cat. It will form a short duology with the following month’s story.

October completes the previous month’s duology with The Kitten and her Girl. It’s about a cat that never gets lost in woods, with her human.

November’s The Searching Sword picks up from where The Lonely Lighthouse ends.

The final fairy tale is Season’s End. This wraps up the year and ties into most of the other stories so I recommend you read them first.