Where was I and what was I up to?

Hey guys, it’s been a while.

Last year I challenged myself to write a short fairy tale every month and post it up on my website. I managed it and I think they turned out really well. So the obvious thing was to try that again this year.

I would say I made it to March but it’s more accurate to say that March was the only month I posted in.

Long story short, my sister got married and that sucked up roughly the first half of the year (and was worth it, it was an amazing occasion.) And I moved house and had to get all set up (my last place ended up unlivable and I had to stay with my parents during Lockdown and a bit longer). Which brought me to June, at which point I had to take a look around and make a decision. I was happy with the fairy tales but they didn’t bring in much attention and no money. I could try playing catch up on the short stories this year or I could devote that same energy to trying to get another book published. I picked the latter.

The book is now finished and looking pretty good. I’m going to send it off to some agents on Monday and I’ll also chuck the first chapter up on here. But that’s not all I’ve been working on.

Some of you reading might be aware that I’ve talked about my first novel a bit in the past. Not Attack of the Giant Robot Chickens, which was my first published novel. I mean the first novel I ever wrote. It was terrible, angsty trash called Demon Hunter. I had a great time writing it and cringe whenever I think about it these days.

However I did sink three years of my life into it and it was pretty influential to me. So I thought it might be fun to record me reading it for the first time in years and see what I liked about it and what was just terrible. It’s mostly all recorded and I ended up with ten episodes. I’ve got some editing to do but they should start going up on my YouTube channel towards the end of the month. The current estimate is that the trailer will out on the 21st and the first episode on the 25th. Be sure to check it out, it’s…something. It’s definitely something.

That was going to be all I posted about at this point but Twitter seems to be burning down a bit right now and that’s accelerated some of my plans. I read a lot of books and I do mean a lot. I’m currently at 105 this year and that’s just books I’ve read for the first time. So I’ve decided that I’m going to start posting up book reviews on a new website. I’ve mentioned this before and then it got shuffled back in my priorities list. I was going to approach this next year but, well, aforementioned burning of Twitter means that it might not be the easiest to advertise it in the future. So look for that around about December.

Oh, and I also got diagnosed with ADHD so that’s a thing.

That’s that for now. For the rest of the month I’m going to be finishing up a few things with the novel and the YouTube series, write a new, completely separate novel and get started on the short stories for next year, which I am going to be posting monthly. I’ll update you all when something interesting happens but for the moment keep an eye out for the chapter and the trailer for Demon Hunters. And have a lovely day.


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